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Wildlife Diversity of Gujarat Calling!

Wildlife Diversity of Gujarat Calling!

Wildlife of Gujarat is thrilled to witness a grand entry of striped big cat in the den of Asiatic Lions. After 27 years, the news of spotting a Royal Bengal Tiger amidst the wilderness of Boriya Village in Lunawada Forest is spreading like a jungle fire among the wildlife enthusiasts. The incident has given a new avenue to explore the wildlife diversity of Gujarat. Wildlife Tourism of Gujarat has a reason to celebrate now.

The last tiger sighting incident was reported near Dang border of Gujarat, in the year 1992. Thereafter, no prominent reports supporting the existence of tiger in Gujarat came to limelight, until last week when a tiger was seen crossing a road of Lunawada forest area. This incident was clicked by a school teacher, Mahesh Mehera.

The recent tiger sighting news went viral rapidly, attracting the attention of the forest department to set up cameras for collecting evidence to prove its authenticity. The camera captured a majestic tiger grazing in the area and according to the forest officials, it is adult, aged between 5 to 7 years.  The forest officials also confirmed that villagers too have reported killings of the cattle almost a fortnight back.

So now, along with Asiatic Lions, wildlife tourism of Gujarat is ready to offer thrilling expeditions for tiger sighting too. Gear up wildlifers…

Jungles of Gujarat calling!!

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By Nature's Sprout February 13, 2019