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Must visit hotspot tourist destinations of North-east this summer!! (Part-2)

Must visit hotspot tourist destinations of North-east this summer!! (Part-2)

As we move ahead from the first part of mesmerizing spots of Darjeeling, here we present you the next part- Incredible Sikkim Tour Plan.

Sikkim is a beautiful hilly state of North-Eastern Himalayan range. Plan for a trip to Sikkim along with Darjeeling today, if you wish to get a different yet unique feel of Himalayan beauty.

Here we go:

Gangtok: Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim. It is at the height of 5413 ft above sea level. The name ‘Gangtok’ means ‘Hill Top’. Being the capital city Gangtok is the main point from where you can access all the serene, quaint and famous tourist spots of Sikkim. The places like Hanuman Tok, Himalayan Zoological Park, Tashi view point, Ganesh Tok etc are few of the sightseeing spots in Gangtok, which lies within a radius of 11 km. Several Gangtok tour packages, also include these places along with the famous spots like Tsongmo Lake, Baba Mandir, Nathu La Pass Yumthang Valley etc. You can book a stay in Gangtok as there are several lavish till budget accommodations available in Gangtok.

Tsongmo lake: It is one of the most famous tourist spots of Sikkim located at a distance of 40 Km from Gangtok. It is a glacial lake situated in the eastern provinces of Sikkim at an altitude of 12,313 ft above sea level. The average temperature in Tsomgo Lake varies between 0 to -25 degree Celsius. If you are not carrying winter wears to combat freezing chills at Tsomgo Lake, not to worry. There are several vendors who rent-out special winter wears for the icy cold weather at Tsomgo lake. During winters and the entire lake remains frozen and in the summer season, the lake water melts offering a spectacular view. Tourists can also enjoy Yak joyride at Tsomgo Lake. The lake is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and truly a treat to the eyes. To visit Tsomgo Lake, you should rely on the hotels in Gangtok for accommodation, because the place is at a very high altitude and close to Indo China Border of Nathu La, which is not ideal for habitation.

Nathu La Pass: Nathu La Pass is located at a distance of 56 Km and a high altitude of 14,140 ft above the sea level. It is of the tourist hotspots in eastern Sikkim of today, which served as the famous Silk Route till the year 1962. It was opened in the year 2006, after 44 years allowing restricted trade between both the neighboring nations of India and China. Nathu La is the famous Indo China Border, where both Indian and Chinese soldiers are seen guarding the respective motherlands. Nathu La does not have any ‘no man’s land’, but there are strict instructions for the tourists to follow. After visiting Nathu La, you feel a gush of pride running through your spine when you see the hardships and adverse conditions our soldiers serve our nation. On the other side, the appealing natural beauty is also appreciable. To visit Nathu La pass, you will have book your accommodations in Gangtok and apply for a permit via registered tour operators.

Baba Mandir: How do you feel to hear about a soldier, who is still on duty post his death? Yes, you hear it right. Your holidays in North East India will be incomplete if you miss visiting Baba Harbhajan Singh Mandir Near Nathu La Indo China Border. Sepoy Harbhajan Singh of Punjab Regiment was posted in Nathu la during 1968. It is said that while escorting mules carrying necessities, he fell into a turbulent stream and disappeared. His fellow peer soldiers built a samadhi on his name after he appeared in their dreams and informed about the whereabouts of his missing body. Through several chilling instances, such as crumpled bedsheets, polished shoes turning muddy, reports by Chinese soldiers about witnessing a turbaned sepoy patrolling the border, army men deployed at Nathu La China border believe that Sepoy Harbhajan Singh is still carrying out his duty of serving the motherland, even after his death. As an acknowledgment to his after-life service towards the motherland, he was promoted to the prestigious rank of Captain, till date his salary is given to his family in Punjab and his belongings are taken to his hometown every year, guarded by 3 soldiers. Unbelievable isn’t it? But it’s true, for all these incidents his samadhi is treated as ‘shrine’ and soldiers strongly believe that Harbhajan Singh will help them in case of an emergency at the border. The temple is adorned by Baba’s belongings and his pictures. Devotees leave often leave here a bottle of water and collect it later on with a belief that on drinking the water their wishes will come true. You may also witness army trucks stopping at the temple and offering prayers before heading for any expedition. Baba Harbhajan Singh Mandir is really an incredible site to visit because along with the tale of legendary incidents, the presence of picturesque snow-peaks all around is also alluring.

The package of Gangtok, Tsomgo Lake, Nathu La Pass, and Legendary Baba Harbhajan Singh temple is one of the best combos of North East Tour Itinerary. It will give you an exclusive feel of witnessing mesmerizing natural beauty, a feel of patriotism and chilling tales of a soldier who never died. Hurry and book online North East India Package today.

We are coming up with the last section of Sikkim tour package, as a part of North East India vacation packages where we will introduce you to the enchanting and exemplary beauty of the state!!


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