Tadoba Tiger Reserve is divided into two zones:

  1. Core Area:

    It is the actual forest area where there are no trace of human habitation and only dominated by the wild inmates of the jungle.
  2. Buffer Zones:

    These are the areas where there is existence of small villages amalgamated with the forest areas. Here you will find mankind and wildlife co-existing.

Tadoba Tiger Reserve is divided into three core areas:

  • Tadoba Zone/Range (via Kolara & Navegaon gates)
  • Moharli Zone/Range (via Moharli & Khutwanda Gates)
  • Kolsa Zone/Range (via Zari & Pangadi gates)

The entry gates to the Tadoba zone provides access to the world of wilderness, where you step in and get a thrilling feel. The jungle is renowned to be the home for tigers, leopards, sloth bear, hyena, jackal, wild dog, sambar, cheetal, langoors, nilgai, etc. The primary entry gates to the core regions are mentioned below:

  • Kolara Gate:

    It is one of the popular entry gates in Tadoba core zone, located at a distance of 120 km from Nagpur. It takes you to the Tadoba Zone, with total eighteen rides available a day for the jungle safari in Tadoba core zone distributed as nine each morning and evening.
  • NaveGaon Gate:

    This gate is located at a distance 140 km from Nagpur. The entry of six vehicles each morning and evening for tiger safari in Tadoba core zone are permitted from this gate, which takes you to the Tadoba Zone.
  • Moharli Gate:

    Located approximately 180 km away from Nagpur, it is the oldest entrance to the park. You get an option to enter the Moharli Zone. You can book your tiger safari for this zone with nine vehicles available each morning and evening, from Moharli gate.
  • Kuswanda:

    Kuswanda Gate also leads to the Moharli Zone. This gate is located at a distance of 140 km from Nagpur. For Tadoba tiger safari, there are four vehicles allowed each morning and evening, from this gate.
  • Pangdi Gate:

    Located at a distance of 250 Km from Nagpur, this gate allows total 4 jungle safaris in Tadoba each day, distributed as two each morning and evening and takes you to Kolsa zone.
  • Zari Gate:

    it is located at a distance of 190 km from Nagpur, which leads to the Kolsa Zone. There are six tiger safaris allowed each morning and evening from this gate, making it total twelve safari rides in Tadoba, each day.
  • Agrazari Zone:

    It is located at a distance of approximately 150 Km from Nagpur. It is close to the other buffer zone, Devada Adegaon.  The jungle safari booking for Tadoba buffer zone is available for the morning and evening slots.
  • Devada Adegaon Zone:

    It is located close to Agrazari Zone. There are plenty of options for jungle safari Tadoba buffer zone in open jeep from this zone too, in the morning and evening slots.
  • Junona Zone:

    This buffer zone is close to Moharli Gate of the core area. It is located around 11 km from the Agrazari zone.
  • Kolara Zone:

    It is located around 104 Km from Nagpur. The Jungle safari Kolara zone is also available for the morning and evening slot.
  • Ramdegi Navegaon Zone:

    Located at a distance of 104 Km from Nagpur, this zone like its other counterparts allows buffer area jungle safari in the morning and evening slots.
  • Alizanza Zone:

    This zone has a picturesque landscape and is best suited for the photographers, who wish to experience the serenity of a forest life and capture the versatility.


Although there are several versions about which is the ideal for Tiger sighting in Tadoba-, it always depends on the mood of majestic inmates of the jungle. In many cases one zone  has been much satisfactory rather than the other one zones. And in other instances, the core zones have given rejoicing moments for the tourists.

Whether you book any zone for Jungle safari in Tadoba, always keep in mind to abide the rules of the jungle. Avoid littering, making loud noise, using mobile phones, getting off from the jeep or feeding animals. Remember, it is their home and we are the guests. Let’s respect their way of living!

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