Bakkhali Beach And Henry Island



Bakkhali beach is possibly one of the most breadth taking Beaches in India and is located on one of many deltaic Island spread across Southern part of Bengal. The 7 Km Beach offers the beautiful view of sea merging into the land. Bakkhali beach is the most breath-taking beach.

Henry Island is named after a European who surveyed land in the 19th Century. A very good place to visit during the trip to Kolkata. Kilometers of empty beach, placid sea, clear sky, and excellent food are some of the attractions of this island. On the west of Henry Island lies the Jetty ghat, the sea in the east and Bakkhali beach in the south. The credit for turning Henry Island into a holiday hotspot goes to the fisheries department of the state government, which has set up a pisciculture project here.

 The specialties of Bakkhali beach

a.    The windmills in Frasergunj operate as a power generating location. The rickshaw van is the only mode of local transport in this territory.

b.    Fishing is the key livelihood of the societies in this part.  Agriculture is almost non-existent because of the extreme salinity of adjoining sea which drowns the land heavily upsetting the fertility of the land. 

c.    There is a fishing harbor at Frasergunj and Benfish, a wing of the state government has a presence nearby. Bakkhali and Frasegunj are unadulterated by urbanization

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