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Dhikala very famous and one of the most beautiful tourism zone of Corbett Tiger Reserve with large grasslands, river beds, sal and mixed forests. Ramganga river flows through Dhikala zone and makes it more serene.  Dhikala is renouned amongst photographers and wildlife enthusiasts as this is seasonal home to large population of Asiatic Elephants and good concentration of The King Tiger.
?Dhikala is preferred as it provides the opportunity to stay inside Jim Corbett National Park. Dhikala has five forest rest houses, out of them Dhikala Forest Rest House is the first preference of travelers. The only forest rest house offers electricity in the room is Dhikala forest rest house in Jim Corbett National Park. This is around 30 kilo metres inside Corbett Tiger Reserve.

Details of rest houses in Dhikala at Jim Corbett National Park
•    Old Forest Rest House (Number of Room -05)
•    Dhikala Annexes ( Number of Rooms - 07)
•    Hutment ( Number of Rooms - 06)
•    Cabins ( Number of Rooms - 06)
•    New Forest Rest House ( Number of Rooms - 04)
•    Old Range Quarters ( Number of Rooms - 04)
Staying facilities are also available at Bijrani, Gairal, Jhirna and Kanda forest rest houses. The government has increased accommodation in recent years by introducing additional annexes and dormitories. These are forest rest houses have solar electric fencing that keeps the tourists safe.
Note:?In order to stay at night in the Dhikala Forest guest House, the Indian and SAARC visitors have to book the accommodation in Dhikala Forest Lodge 46 days in advance and the Foreigners have to book the accommodation 91 days in advance.

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